A Blueprint for SAP Education Initiatives

A Blueprint for SAP Education Initiatives is about BTECH (Business Technology Early College High School) in Queens, NY, the first SAP education initiative in the United States. It details how they, along with other schools, brought STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathmatics) into the classroom.

A Blueprint for SAP Education Initatives is a text heavy document that includes multiple figures, tables, images, callout boxes, and pull quotes. Keeping it within branding guidelines, I kept fonts consistent and carried the blues, reds, and greys of the Pathways to Prosperity Network throughout the entire publication. Splitting the text into two columns and leaving a fair amount of whitespace in the margins created enough breathing room to help prevent reader fatigue. With very few photos of students in the STEM classrooms available, I highlighted them as page headers to help differentiate between chapters.

C-Town Tech is a STEM program through Boston Public Schools that was recently created. It didn't have any branding so I was asked to create a logo, along with a collegiate look-and-feel flyer and mailer. With this in mind, I designed their promotionals based on their cheerleader uniforms. This flyer has been used for many events, in both English and Spanish, and has been included in this blueprint as an example of what other schools have implemented.