National Fund for Workforce Solutions 5th Annual Meeting: Learn. Share. Partner.

National Fund for Workforce Solutions 5th Annual meeting program booklet includes information about the National Fund, the agenda for the three day conference, employer and frontline champion biographies, and biographies of conference attendees.

The annual meeting agenda is a large spiral bound pocket folder that contains all the information needed for the entire conference. The cover is designed to be eyecatching and distingushable from previous years.

The three day conference agenda has numerous pages with multiple breakout sessions. Icons were created for the breakout sessions to allow the attendee to determine which session tracks they wished to follow with only a glance. The session tracks are explained in full prior to the agenda. Within the agenda itself the icons are repeated at the bottom of every page, with their title as a reminder about which icons are which.

The booklet contains a lot of information that is dependent on heavy amounts of text. A strong typographic hierarchy is necessary to make sure the information is quickly scannable.