Potato Frog Protection Society

Potato products are in every grocery store nation-wide and are the fourth main staple food for the world. They are grown in 44 countries, all having one thing in common; the Potato Frog. Potato Frogs are being killed by the tens of thousands each year, and as they are being destroyed potato crops have been on the decline.

Or are they? During the 2008 Presidential election, and previous elections, scammers created false websites that looked official with the candidates' photographs, videos, and views. Scammers get you to these sites by having a web address that is similar, or one letter different from the real website. Once you are on one of these sites they can send malware to your computer, or when you go to donate to the candidate they accept your money and steal your credit card information. During the Presidential elections of 2004, thousands of dollars that were donated were never recovered because they went to scammers who knew how to make a website look real enough that you, or someone you know, would trust it.

I created the Potato Frog Protection Society to bring about awareness of how easily people can be fooled into believing something only because it is designed well.

I wanted to know how influential a well designed organization could be. So I designed a logo and an identity with which I created a poster describing a fictional creature, the potato frog, and asked for signatures to help save them. I hung these posters throughout the UMass Dartmouth campus with signature forms. Then I spent a few hours in the campus common area and asked for signatures to help save the potato frog. Over 4 days, between the designed posters, additional printed information, and a Facebook group page I received 112 signatures to save this ficticious frog. I later swapped the "few people know this" posters with "did you get suckered?" posters explaining what I had done.

Wanting to make my organization appear legit, I created handouts for people to read. One of these printed pieces included a mailer that covered basic information about the potato frog.

I created t-shirts, bags, candy and its packaging, and product tags as merchandise. I wanted to explore fundraising opportunities as if this organization were real.